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Hi there, I recently picked up another CD key for Diablo II and LoD. Well, silly me forgot to check the other e-mail to verify the account. I made a ticket about this matter, but was told to come here to make a post here about it. I have two screen shots that I can provide about the e-mails I had sent to me, to help further solve this issue. Thanks in advanced for your time.
- One e-mail
- 2nd e-mail
The last server upgrade on Jan. 4th says this...
Hmm... Still not making sense to me. But thanks!~
For your account, calculate 90 days plus 7 days grace period from the date of the email, which is probably Jan. 10. If you don't play between the date of the email and the expiration date, that account will expire.

The character expiration dates are 15 days away from the date of the email. It's very unclear and they need to provide some background information with it.
The weird thing is, I've been on both accounts daily. Been taking a break from other games, coming back to this. So strange.
It's being sent to you because you have characters 15 days away from expiring. That's what generated the email.

The account notification is just bonus FYI that was included.
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