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Hi Community!

I hope you can help me so i can play some WC3 properly again :)

I do not like to play in window mode because the brightness is too dark and I dont want to change my Windows brightness so much to reach the point that would look good in WC3. Further more, playing in window mode feels less responsive than playing in native fullscreen.

My Problem: Whenever i play wc3 in -nativefullscr, I get lots of crashes when I switch from Desktop to War3. This could be when a laddergame is found or whenever i randomly tab out and back into War3. The game sound still works, but the Screen freezes and no controls work anymore. I need to manually turn off and on the computer again which is very frustrating.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I was trying to locate some error log files from the crash but the "Errors" folder is empty and I only see this .txt in the "Logs" folder:

1/14 14:31:06.822 Error (UI\FrameDef\UI\ConsoleUI.fdf:105535496): Expected ",", but found "AlphaMode"

1/14 14:31:06.822 (UI\FrameDef\UI\ConsoleUI.fdf//105535496) Warning, unknown keyword in context: Literal String
1/14 14:31:06.822 (UI\FrameDef\UI\ConsoleUI.fdf//105535496) Warning, unknown keyword in context: ,

This is pretty much the Diablo 2 conmunity. See the sticky and try your question in the War 3 forum.
I cant see a war 3 forum, but i posted it in the classics support forum as well now!
Second sticky on this forum says War 3 forums have moved.

Dude, I'm writing them regarding nativefullscr issue since they have released 1.30.0, I believe there's no need to tell you that no one replied back and obviously there isn't a fix yet.
I'm afraid this couldn't be fixed at this time and the only workaround for the time being is to play in the classic window mode.
I hope this helps.

Sending greetings,
Hm that would be very unfortunate! In fullscreen mode, does anyone else have the problem that the mouse is "slower" or less responsive?

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