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Sorry if the answer to this is obvious, but I searched and didn't find it, and that surprises me.

I know how to query a player's completed achievement list, but how do I query the progression on incomplete ones? Say, I wanted to see how many mounts they had towards their "Mountain o' Mounts" achievement (it's not the same as the mount total in their statistics as the latter includes class mounts the player can't use).

Thanks for your help!
you would need the critera id's to match to the achievements i dont think this is exposed in the api at least it never use to be
Oh I see! Thanks for your reply. I know Wowhead can display intermediate progress, but maybe they’re doing it some other way.

I was really after a way of querying how many mounts a player has, that count towards the mount achievements (not all do). I couldn’t see a direct way, so I hoped querying the achievement would do it.

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