Diablo 2 - You we're disconnected from battle.net. Please reconnect

To quickly go over the issue I bought Diablo 2 last July and downloaded it on my old laptop played it for a few months then laptop died around Nov.
Fast forward to March I bought a new laptop and redownloaded the game on my new laptop and I'm getting the "You we're disconnected from battle.net. Please reconnect" error when I try to connect to the multiplayer.
note: I did move and changed internet providers so if that could cause something just throwing that out there.
I also did the main fixes I found so check these off:
1. Yes I did download the updated patch
2. Ran it as Admin

If you need more details let me know ill check back when I can
I am having this same issue... any help with this would be great... recently started playing this again after a 10 year break and now I cant even log on
I am having the same issue battlenet said you might have suspended my ip for 72 hours but it's been a week or so and still cant log on and they said to come here and ask cause they dont know anything about classic games
Starting to think the blues are not home.... Im sure they are playing d2...... Lol ugh why hasn't anyone given an answer. Wonder if blizzard has been hacked.?

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