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Greetings developers,

While we do not normally announce changes to the website on this forum, we have recently released a change that will likely impact many community websites.

With this release, we have made changes to the URL pattern for the character profiles on If you are linking to the official game site ( from your community site or other experiences, we recommend updating any URLs appropriately.

Old pattern:

New pattern:

While you update your applications and experiences, we have included redirects for requests which do not explicitly include a region. In these cases, we will use the region based on the locale of the request.

Original request:
Redirected to:

The main benefit of this update is that character profiles are no longer attached to specific locales, allowing you to link and view profile pages of characters on German realms (for example) without also having to view those characters using the German locale (de-DE).

For example, an EU character can now be viewed in the ko-KR locale (

Thanks for your time,
- Maguthul

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