This Season was the worst

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Thanks to Blizzard Staff what could have been a growth in the game/community has turned to a utter failure.

---Before the Season started
1lots of players got ready for Reset teams
2new players checked the game out
3old players came back
4hope for a season without bots shined

---Season Starts
1bots are runing like crazy making games and not even hiding it.
2item value drops LIKE CRAZY
3posts are trolled by the bots to ensure the staff takes no action
4LEGIT PLAYERS GET TEMP BANED as the bots run 24/7
5the ladder is full of bots with matching names
6toons are lost and or deleted
7games are crashed out of the blue
8most people quit within the first 2weeks or days
9diablo fans are giving up fully
10 real fans are harrased and trolled
11 lost cd keys or weekly bans for no good reason
12 the bots win they took over the games..
13 welcome to
yes you need to prepare for the season
finish all ladder runewords / sell off all expendable items upgrade rares uniques

noobs will come to the game and find it hard - this game requires skill

old players never leave lol me

its not possible to ban or have any game with out bots as its released to the public
if you dont understand this the issue is with you. bots keep this game alive


items are found my skilled players and operators good for us
no one is trolling get thicker skin noob
"legit" players still need to follow the rules: number of games per hour / time in game or get a restriction
that is a good thing
keep your chars permed and refreshed and it wont be deleted
yes games crash
if people quit we dont need them
i pk and troll everyone welcome to bnet i will hunt you down kill your entire party and tell you to play single player.
cdkeys now are expendable
it keeps the game alive be thankful and stop crying noob or play single player

omg your dumb keep off bnet with ur ignorance

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