[D1] Port 6112 and UDP Packet Processing

Exactly. Port Forwarding should not be required to connect to battle net and create OR join a game. That's how the battle net worked in 2016 when I last tried to connect with Diablo 1.

You DO need the port forwarding setup to allow other players to join a game you created, this is because Diablo 1 hosts the game on your PC, not on the server.

The fact that
- one of multiple PCs in a household
- anyone who cannot perform the port forwarding setup (because of NAT or ISP's router - most common cases)
- or anyone connecting from a multi-layered network
cannot even join other people's games is seriously wrong. It worked before. It works today when I connect to a private realm. Why can't it work on the Global gateway?
Estou tendo o mesmo problema, que os demais, comprei o jogo e nao consigo logar no battle.net. Apresenta o problema de conexão port 6112. Gostaria que a blizz fizesse um novo patch para resolver este problema. Ja tentei reiniciar, rodar como adminstrador, desligar o firewall, e o problema persiste. Shame blizzard
Just bought the game and cant play battle.net.

Opened ports 6112-6119 TCP/UDP.
Added Diablo.exe from the gog program file to my firewall
Tired running it as "Administrator"

Id really like to play online. Any suggestions?
I have the same problem. I tried to do everithing
1)Ports 6112-6119 (TCP & UDP) in my router are opened.
2)Firewall rules for in- and out-coming for the Diablo.exe program are opened in windows firewall
3)Antivirus is off

but still not working! I wanna play online, suggestions?
If it helps at all guys, I bought the GOG version and I suppose the patch they released fixes whatever issue I was having. So basically the original release back in the 90's will not work? derrrrrrrrpppp
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03/07/2019 06:15 PMPosted by Zuvykree

Have you tried to right click and run the game as administrator? We released an updated version of the Diablo I client on [url="https://www.gog.com/game/diablo"]GoG [/url]that may also help as it contains a lot of bug fixes and has been updated to work on a modern OS.

Thank you.
Hey Zuvk, appreciate the response man!

Everything worked out through buying the GOG version, which really wasn't too expensive.

Do you think there will be a publicly available patch for those who own an original copy? Might sound like a nerd, but I've had this baby since the 90's and look at it like a treasure, and would love for it to be of a better use other than something that sits in a cd rack. Good for single player at-least lol

That's unlikely. Basically, there's no way for us to validate ownership on the old client, though as I also have my old copy I totally trust you've still got yours. If something like that were to happen in the future we'd have to come up with a new distribution method to prevent piracy, so for now the GoG client is your best bet. Thanks for the follow up!
My problem was solved!
I talked to my Internet Provider because the filter that port. At the moment they opened my ipv4, I can create games on battle.net.
Info: I have the GoG version.
I have same problems about port 6112, is the ipv4 thing something you can set on your router/ISP box or are you obliged to contact them ? (how can you know if it's already enabled?)

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