Diablo 2 "You have been disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect."

"You have been disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect."

I have been scowering the internet for a solution to this issue but have come up short. From what I have gathered it may be an IP ban.

I do not understand how I would be subject to a ban.

How do I get more information as to what is going on? I played this game quite a bit over the weekend and believe I am now being seen as a bot (presumably)

Please help me blizzard. Do not allow me to be collateral damage in your pursuit of botters. How fair would that be?
unable to log into diablo 2. im getting the same error message "You have been disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect."

emailing blizzard / live chat / phoning blizzard are all useless as blizzard has no control over this game they keep informing me.

they told me to come post in this forum because apparently the forum crew here is the only group that can do somthing ???

im scared to post personal account details however due to the fact everyone would be able to see my keys / account name ...etc.

its been like 5 days now. i just want to play this great game again with my friends online.

you can check my account out, im not botting. im not hacking. im a honest player.
banned for no apparent reason.
I have had the same problem. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game clients and get the same error. I can still play single player, but cannot log on to battle.net.
Yeah im burnt out too. Still not getting anything. Iv tryed re installing drivers, game, updates. Nothing.
some body can help me....
Dear Blizzard team,
Hello: I am a player of Taiwan Diablo II. Because the situation at home and work has occurred, my account has disappeared for more than 90 days, which makes my mood go to the bottom. This game has been played since 2000. This is my good memory. Can you help me to restore my account? thank you all.
TW benkathy9299 welcome,

Blizzard is now purging their servers of accounts not used after 90 days. This is permanent and unfortunately cannot be restored.

In the past, it was not as often purged. But, they have changed their policy to always clean the servers and they won't restore any lost accounts or characters.

Very sorry.
In terms of the connections issues listed here from the OP....there's many things that can be causing this and it's difficult to solve over the forums.

But, I'm putting together a comprehensive list and will post it in the next day or so. I'm still gathering the links and I want it to be as complete as possible. Here's a start

1. No usage of VPNs/Proxies/Business IPs/Cloud
2. No 3rd party D2/LOD installers or usage of 3rd party keys
3. No hacks or mods installed for D2/LOD

If none of those, then ...

1. Run a full Malware/Virus check and if no luck....
2. Temporarily disable Malware protection software
3. Temporarily disable Firewall and Anti-Virus software

You may just have a temporary restriction that must be waited out. Nothing you can do. Here's a link about those...

You can say me and I go on hardcore.

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