API doesn't get all character titles for World of Warcraft

API Discussion
While calling the character endpoint with fields "titles" not all titles are returned by API. Sometimes there is over 40+ titles, but some characters seems to have only 1 or 2 attached, while in-game they have several dozen of achievements. Have anyone seen this behaviour?
I'm not sure, but my guess is: some achievements are really account-wide (those with blue background) they are shared across characters and can even share their criteria progress. Some other achievements (regular yellow ones) are unlocked by a single character and available account-wide. That started in Mists of Pandaria if I'm not mistaken, before that all achievements, mounts and pets were character specific.
If you look in your wow interface, there is also an option to only show achievements earned by the character. That is also the reason your character's achievement points on the achievements interface is not the same as shown on the guild interface.

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