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Hello dear developers,

i do programming as a hobby (i started it 2 years ago...) and i had a small wow app in the apple app store which i pulled off a few months ago since i didn't have any time to update it.
now i have finally the time to get back to programming and i would love to update my app.

Since the apikey system is gone i have 2 questions:

i understand that i need to get an access token, the access token is only good for 24 hours.
Does this mean i have to do a tokenrequest in the app on the customer device with my personal blizzard account client id & secret id to get the token to get access to the api system? (i am using only public api)

do you have a separate blizzard developer account?

thank you in advance
A better approach for this would be for you to have your own API server for your app, and whenever you need fresh data your server is used as a proxy to the official API.

This way you can implement the authentication that works best for you (between your API and the customer device) while you keep your Blizzard API key and secret safe at all times.

Basically your app ONLY get data from YOUR server, and only your server get data directly from Blizzard servers.
hey, thank you very much!

i think this is quite possible to do with my knowledge, i am only afraid that the customer experience will be pretty bad with my current web server. I have a pretty small Server which is hosted in Austria. Most of my App Users are from the United States, so it will take quite a time to process the data.

However i will try it and thank you again for your great idea!
You are welcome.

I'm not sure if the terms of conduct allows us to post host providers (or other products) here, but I'm using a very good and inexpensive VPS provider. Just in case you can join the unofficial discord in this fixed post: and I can give you details if you want. Also there are lots of skilled and nice people there willing to help out everyone.
You can use a service like Heroku to host a simple API proxy. I use heroku's free tier (which gives 500 hours per month). Since you only need an access code every 24 hours, you could probably find a clever way to make it meet your needs within that 500 hours.

Here's a simple API proxy I created and host on heroku.

Also have a docker image available here:

thank you Dawg6 - i have just installed your bnetproxyapi on my server, it is working really fast and without any problems!

is there any wish for mentioning? i thought i will write a thank you in the privacy policy?

thank you!

best regards
You're welcome, enjoy!

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