My Bliz app will not open and it does not give me an error

Mac Technical Support
So i have been trying everything i can find but not even the blizzard support for this is working. All it does when I try to open it is just sit there in the task manager but not in the normal place but in the background processes and just mass Blizzard Update Agent, (like over 100 whenever I try to open it) and i have no clue what to do anymore.
Hey, Demtor! It sounds like there's a connection issue if the Blizzard Support is having trouble loading. Just to make sure it's not due to duplicate or multiple Blizzard agents up, does uninstalling (don't forget to clear the preferences) and reinstalling help with the application?

From there if it continues, try flushing the DNS and powercycling the network. It can help to try a third party DNS service like Google DNS if there's issues with the provider DNS or try another network to test.

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