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Is there any new API for guild progress in the new API or should we continue fetching character data and analyzing it?

i have not seen a api update for this yet im guessing on the list of features people want
What exactly do you mean by "guild progress" ?

Currently we can fetch guild achievements, which is as much information as you can have inside the game itself.

Only characters keep track of which boss they've already killed. Everything related to guilds are tracked by guild achievements. Some websites have more complete information based on user's uploads, like warcraftlogs.

I seriously doubt there will ever be an API for this kind of information, unless they somehow keep track of every raid group and instance encounters. Keeping track of this would generate lots of information because people can join and leave the groups at any time, not to mention some situations where a group member can join or leave the guild during the raid, etc.

Depending on your needs I would recommend creating an addon to save some information about group compositions or even requesting combat logs like warcraftlogs do. If you need data to update just a guild website some addons like ExorsusRaidTools already offers an export to CSV functionality for some data.
I'm currently calculating it via character boss kills which takes much time and unfortunately Guild achievements don't give normal and heroic progress...

Anyway so we'll continue calculating by the old methods still.

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