Diablo 1 @ GoG multiplayer cannot create or join game.

Diablo 1, multiplayer still not working, I followed port forwarding steps and changing firewall settings for diablo excemption, also tried running as administrator. Please fix multiplayer capability and remove all these hassles which not only did not work for me also wasted 40usd on port forwarding software.
I don't know if this is a simple issue. I have done the same, opened the ports on my router and firewall. Also, using Portforward's program, I verified that 6112-6119 ports are open for both TCP and UDP. So, I don't think this is a simple matter of opening the ports.
Sorry you wasted money on software. You probably have a router between your PC and internet connection, and that router needs to be configured to do the port forwarding. Unless there is some industry standard router API I am not aware of, there is no way some software on your PC is going to configure port forwarding automatically.

You just need to figure out how to log in to your router software and configure it to solve this problem. Probably some web searching can help you out with this, and/or your router manufacturer support.

Keep in mind Diablo was created during a time when most people were on dialup and did not have routers at home.
Having a router didn't prevent the previous versions of battle.net from functioning. I see no reason why you should have an open port in case you only want to JOIN games. Not host, just join.

Previous battle.net gateways would allow you to create and join games even without the ports open. Sure, nobody could join your hosted game, but you could join games of people who did open the ports. I ask, why did they add the change? Why can you no longer join other people's games?
Has anyone figured this out?
Short version:
No, you always need to do some setting up. Plus it's individual and complicated. Playing via Hamachi is probably the easiest option.


Long version:
Owners of original CD can install the original diablo from CD, patch it up to 1.09 using the good old patches .exe files from Blizzard, then connect to a private realm running on PVPGN version 1.8.5. There you can create/join games. You won't be able to connect to Global gateway, because it uses a different patch.
Pros: You CAN join other people's games hosted on the private realm.
Cons: You still need to do port forwarding if you want people to join YOUR games.

Owners of GOG Diablo have to either do the port forwarding, or if it doesn't help, they will need to spend money (contact their ISP and have them set up a port forwarding rule on their NAT and/or purchase a static IP). Owners of GOG Diablo cannot connect to the private realms running on PVPGN version 1.8.5 as the owners of original CDs can, because GOG Diablo automatically patches to a different patch version than 1.09, and it won't let you connect to the private realms.
Pros: If you can port forward, you can play on Global gateway.
Cons: you have to be able to setup port forwarding, otherwise your Create and Join buttons will be grayed out and cannot be clicked.

Owners of both should only use one version of the game at a time, as having both doesn't play well. You'll get missing CD errors and GOG version keeps rewriting gateway settings for some reason, among other things.

Any player (GOG or original CD owners) can play via Hamachi, Game Ranger and other VPN/LAN emulating software. This does not involve battle net in any way, so there's no need to port forward.
In case of Hamachi you just install the app, join a network and can chat and play with people. In game you use the Local area network (IPX) option.
In case of GameRanger, you point game ranger to your diablo.exe file and then you see a lobby list of games you can join.
Pros: Basically anyone can play via this option.
Cons: you need to setup the apps, and you need to find players to play with.

IMHO what we really need is a tool, a wrapper/hostbot/local server, that would:
1) Connect to bnet using an acc and password, and download a list of games that are hosted on bnet.
2) Populate Multiplayer -> LAN Diablo's list of games.
Similar to what LainNoc's "Arai Server & Client" option did for Warcraft 3.

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