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Hello people,

Just wondering if anybody was looking into fixing the global issue which has to do with D3 profile information. From what I have experience, at least in EU there is a global issue affecting both the Community API and Blizzard's own website when displaying profile / hero information.

This is saddening to see no visible reaction about this.

It's been 2 days.

I just tested my app with a few EU profiles and it's working fine.
I have this problem as well, not all profiles but some. e.g. profiles (fetched via API) have a list of heroes but when I query for some of the heroes I get either 404 Not Found or 500 Server error.

And @Chocopipe says it affects the official profile page as well. I have seen this problem for around a week.

I have mostly tested the EU server.

Here is one example: https://eu.diablo3.com/en/profile/xHPx-2558/

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