[D2]The Current condition of Asia realm.

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Hello? Classic games team,

About two weeks ago, I made this thread.


So I knew your comments for trying to fix Asia realm, but now still it is not good too. Therefore I wanna make lists for reporting again. Creating games has become better. However, others haven't.

1. I am really curious at the server IP. As I said before, whenever servers have some issues, their IP is 150. Now creating games is not problem, but IP is same. So the rumor that comes out of some users' brain is that it is for protecting servers towards Uber Diablo event as its real IP is not 150. People don't know why your team is hiding real IP. Therefore if you can give information about it, it is very helpful. Frankly speaking, I wanna believe it is just temporary servers' IP.

2. It is very easy to meet Dysinc. Still the ping is dancing 14~200. Those figures are obvious evidence. So it is still unstable and laggy.

3. To check out servers' condition, I join my game with my classic barbarian. Through my two ears, I can find out what is going on. Still classic barbarian's hitting feeling is same with LOD barbarian's one. So I think you still work on.

These three lists are my reporting and questions about current Asia realm. And I hope you can answer.

Always thank you very much.

1 of Asia D2 users.
well server seems a lot better than a week ago

BUT there is still server lag..

unstable teleport.. and extra lag

plz.. fix ASAP
Hello, The Blizzard Classic Team D2 Asia server is still unstable, but thanks so much for your hard work. I like all Blizzard games and pray for the health and happiness of the Blizzard Classic team. thank you.

Here, thank you very much for your reply, MR. Mark. As you said, for further information, I had played intentionally for 10 minutes.

Realm : Asia classic.
Character name : ItemGeralt
Game name : Testfor1
Time frame : KST 18:57~19:07, 2nd, March
Edited screenshot : https://imgur.com/TU6xEpv

I uploaded a screenshot edited for only fps and ping. I made 48 screenshots and calculated average ping. It is about 141. And it is rare to see ping lower than 40. So, in fact, I think Asia servers are totally abnormal. In Korea republic, I never see this low ping as we have highly developed internet facility. Therefore Your team have to find out perfect solution. I mean your work is not completed.

And I think the hitting sound of classic barbarians' whirlwind that is same with LOD barbarians' one caused by this. As ping is not good enough, it makes the hitting sound of classic barbarians worse. Also you have to look into it.

Please Totally and fundamentally check it out.

Thank you.

And I think the hitting sound of classic barbarians' whirlwind that is same with LOD barbarians' one caused by this.

I don't.
Hello? Mr. Mark,


First of all, thank you very much for your further information and it is very helpful. With it, I can understand more and analyze current servers' situation. In some parts such as security and simplicity, I absolutely agree with you. However, I can't on others.

1. I know what really ping is. I have a pc can load up recently released games like, Metro: Exodus, The Shadow of Tome Raider and so on. I mean I have to say again Dysinc comes from the network of servers or internally wrong structure. Last year, I also had monitored servers' condition. It was hard to see lower ping than 150. Averagely, 10~100 was usual. But after the immigration of data center, it has become common over 200 ping. This means your team made critical issues in Asia servers. Because of that, I had to post on this forum to report several times. But now nothing changed. Actually It becomes worse. Only creating games is better and others still remains. You said about "Availability", but as a result it is unavailable because many users are complaining about being played laggy and unstable. So please find out the solution. That is your team's task.

2. You said, "These changes have nothing to do with Uber Diablo". But in reality of game, on the contrary it does. I know we do not have PTR. So for better performance, something must get through hardship. And I can understand it if you notice in advance. You do not say anything before we asked so many times. Because of this, on the famous Korea D2 community, I looked at several threads talking some users made a decision to leave D2 as unstable and unavailable servers. They also told about refunding for keys. If your team really loves D2, you must be on the position of users. All of them are not fully patient. As there are limited ways to solve these issues, I can not blame on them. Especially the case of Uber Diablo event is same. If your team try to settle down new structure of servers on other regions, all of D2 users could be mad at you. You know, Uber Diablo event is made by you, Developers. And it is one of fun and important contents of D2. So deleting it will make people sad and disappointed. I can remember, your team separated server IPS of standard and ladder game on June, 2017. It made people embarrassed. Again your team is trying to make them too. Because of fixed IP, it is impossible to hold Uber Diablo event.

When D2 is getting older, users are too. So still many users remember D2 as a colorful and beautiful memory and try to come back when they watch the streaming of YouTube. As a controller of D2, please steer towards right direction and make our memory cherished.

Finally, I have to say again, on the behalf of Asia D2 users, please correct all kinds of critical issues such as lag and unstability.

Thank you for your long reading,

1 of D2 Asia users.

P.S : I forgot one important point. Still classic barbarian's hitting sound is also abnormal. As you know, he can attack much more than LOD barbarian. Because of this, many classic users are loving him. I think it is related to servers' configuration. Then please check this too.
diablo2 I can not believe there is a lag. I hope to come back soon.
yeay..he's right.

I know you're struggling Blizz, but I hope you'll pay more attention to improving our server.
hey bliizz
ping lol
yeay..he's right.

I know you're struggling Blizz, but I hope you'll pay more attention to improving our server.
come on, do something Blizz
Why is Asia only a fixed IP? Please fix it normally.
Hi classic team,

i am always grateful for your hard work and you are still providing us Diablo2 service as well :)
it would be much appreciated if you could fix the recent unstable Asia server.

I'm sure you are working diligently to make things better on the server side. As you said on your last post related to the Asia server issue, I think if you doubled the number of server it's not being efficiently utilized to its full potential. 30% cpu usage increase vs 100% more severs, but lagging got worse... it logically does not make sense. Is it possible the gateway server? IP 150 sever is bottleneck-ing the whole network?

Regarding the uber event, I understand the changes you made recently is not intended to affect game play, it was meant for those 6~7 advantages you listed in your last post. However it does affect how players are going to participate in the uber event. Is this also an intended change? Is there a way for players to identify the actual game server's ip?

Keep up the good work. Thank you and sorry that I have so many questions.
to the Mark Chandler produ.

I am a simple Diablo user of one of the Asian servers

Describes Arnold Perm's opinion entirely, not entirely different.

Important) The time to prepare for a monster's attack is delayed. Its been a ping incompleteness
As a result, the character's death due to Lag

<The next> 150's identical IPs confuse us
When we originally created a new room, did not you get an IP differently?

The smoothness of the game is not smooth ...

In a word, it will not be a good time.

We waited a month,
We being to be a continuation of waiting.

Making our time difficult is not the essence of the game.

Will you awaken and give me a little more excitement?

from one asian server user.
The best game of my life Diablo 2 But nowadays the problem of my server and my memories and my life is getting lost fun.
Please recover it soon.
As an Asian user, I can't help saying a few words.
I think Korea is the world's best Internet power. The speed is of course. How many gigabits have you experienced?
I had a lot of fun before this happened.
The ping was within 0 to 10.
234? It's unimaginable for us.
If you have ever come to Korea and tried the Internet, you will understand how we feel now.
Please take care to fix it.
I know you're struggling Blizz, but I hope you'll pay more attention to improving our server.
I'm a asia palyer.
Many palyers has no problem to play diablo2.
But some player has problem to play diablo2.
They are high ping.
I have no problem but my friend is high ping.
I think it's a line problem (location)
Maybe the changing Internet provider can be solution.
Sorry for bad English.
I'm also curious with that 3 points that Arnold perm has mentioned above.
and also, I have to say that the Asia server is pretty unstable that lag has occurred irregularly. For example, when I try to teleport with sorceress, it delayed like 3-4 seconds. It's not supposed to happen in Asia realm. I hope you would look into it.

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