[D2]The Current condition of Asia realm.

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Fixing the ip to 150 is not a good result.
It has caused a severe loss of servers in Asia.
Teleport and Barbarian Skill whirlwind
These errors have arisen.
I don't understand.
Why on earth did you fix your ip to 150?
Please leave Diablo alone!
The more you update, the more weird the game is.
If you can't decide, please return the server to around October of last year.
I think it is the best service for Asia users.
This year's Asia server is a real mess.
Your update has resulted in users folding the game! Let's find out the seriousness of the problem!
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Brittany Murphy please sleep easy.
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Most of the questions we have are exactly the same thing.

Why does the lag still occur with high ping? If you start working on it, how soon can it be done?

Direct answer would be helpful except for indirect answer. If the explannation is wordy or fuzzy, some of the users will get confused due to the language problem. You already know most of the users writing this are Korean who speaks English as a second language.

We need clear answers to be concise and precise.

As usual, I appreciate for your passionism by putting so much efforts in order to provide Diablo2 with great quality.

Hoping to see good news from you.

pretty sure all the servers are meh and ping jumps non stop at times and lags ppl least i know of this happening on east alot as well, im just hoping for a remaster within the next year or two with just upgrades to servers >< . Hope i guess.........
Hi Blizzard Classic Team.
Thank you for always.
I can not enter the room again. And still the server is unstable and the ping jumps. Original barbarian character Whirlwind attack sound, Sorceress teleport stopping, are you fixing? It has already passed three weeks. Is Blizzard the best game company in the world? Positive minds disappear and only negative feelings emerge. Please fix it as soon as possible.
D2 Asia Original Users.
Thank you.
This problem has to be the big issue in terms of playing D2 Asia server. Esepcially, ping is outrageously high like dancing over200 which will never be acceptable to users. We cannot deliberately control like using teleport with sorceress or using whilwind with barbarians. This ping is the highest I've ever seen since I play D2 Asia server.
Please do not take it lightly.

Diablo 2 is the only game I've been doing for a long time.
I want you to revive the little pleasures of my day.

I do not write it here, but many people are hoping that this situation will be resolved.

When you enter Act 3 boss Andariel, the screen stops for a moment, and you can see more than 1,500 pings. The screen is jammed like a pause.
We ask for improvement. And improve your Baja Wheel-In-Hand batting experience.
Please let us play the game with the original Babaman's old character The reason for playing the original game is because it feels like a Baba Wheel-In.
Hi, I guess you guys are on a holiday or sth as there are no any feedback replies posted about our uncomfort. :)
I hope you guys could give us positive news as soon as you look at these tons of our thoughts and uncomforts we are dealing with.

I appreciate that.

most of blizzards servers have been lagging/desynced for some time now Europe and us west and us east are still waiting since the last update mess
You too.
1.After finishing the game, I cannot play the game because there are many failures to participate in the game again.
2. There are many pauses while playing a game, so it's frustrating to play the game.
3. Baba Wheelwind is still weird.
Please improve server and ping and stabilize it as soon as soon.
Realm : D2 Asia expansion

Server condition is a very bad!!

Unstable teleport.. and extra lag....

plz.. fix it!! plz!!!!
Still lag occurs in log-in screen, character choosing screen, and battlenet lobby

Now, It's 6:36 pm in S.Korea.

I'm just letting you know so that you know how much impact it has on the users in a negative way.
Currently 5:20AM EST a lot of users in Asia are complaining about connectivity to battle.net. This would be considered a peak time for Asia players. But the issue is only affecting part of the users, not everyone.
03/07/2019 02:25 AMPosted by SoJ
Currently 5:20AM EST a lot of users in Asia are complaining about connectivity to battle.net. This would be considered a peak time for Asia players. But the issue is only affecting part of the users, not everyone.

Now it seems like most of the players are experiencing this. (6:00 AM EST)

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