[D2]The Current condition of Asia realm.

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what is going on? can't log on atm (6:20 am est).
Hi, classic team

Honestly, now, what we are claiming or complaining on the forum is nothing to do with patience. It is obviously natural. Now, you guys will have to pay off sth for us as compensation stuff such as new upgrade patches or clear all the third-party programs or sth. We cannot accept this sort of neglecting work. All you guys are doing right now is just unlogical.

How could you give us Nothing like no feedbacks, no notification. There are no feedbacks from you guys on the forum since begining of March. Nothing...

You are to understand that a lot of users are just pissed off like really bad. You should understand how we feel and you should know all those.

I'm completely frustrated because of performance or behaviour of classic team which it seems very unlogical and irresponsible.

You guys are not supposed to treat users like this.

Give us some any notice or feedbacks! man!

Then, I'd appreciate that.
서버관리를 개좃같이하시네
한국디2유저들이 개좃같은거죠??
좃같은서버 똑바로좀 합시다 시발
씨서버 팔언제 고쳐져요 년빨리하고싶어요아?
왜 아시아 서버만 지랄이 풍년인가요 궁금하네요~
Hey do it work!!!!!!!
i want play game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi team,

Would you please upload the notice before you guys check the Asia server?

Please show the respect to D2 Asia users.

At least, we have the rights to know the timeline of checking the server.

Let us know the deadline of this.

도대체 서버 관리는 어떻게 하는 겁니까.
하루 건너 매일 문제가 생기니 이제는 운용팀 신뢰가 안가네요.
The Asia server was disconnected for more than five hours.
But you guys just re-open the server, and there's no notice.
Don't you think it's too much?
and the login delay and the server itself are still unstable.
Is it that hard to turn it to the original server?
I was disappointed enough to disappoint you, but I was greatly disappointed in this action.
Dear, Mr. Mark,

KST at 4 am, I found that your team reversed the structure of Asia servers. And I know current servers' IPS are not fixed. Therefore I think your team decided it. And my classic barbarians' hitting sound becomes functional. I am really very happy as I can listen to dynamic attacking sound. But still the ping is not good. In my game, ping is between 40-150. So please look around servers in detail more.

Anyway thank you very much for your effort to save Asia servers.

Continuously I will monitor the servers.

Thank you.
Really... really... Thank you.
In exactly a month, peace has arrived at the Asia server.
No sign-in delays, no teleport loss on skill, very soft
Thank you very much for opening up your old server again.
Hi, Classic team

First of all, Thank you for recovery of Asia server. It seems like most of the things like ip, barbarian whilwind sound has back to the previous condition.

Now, It is our great pleasure to play D2 as usual. Like ArnoldPerm mentioned above, We will also monitor server status like you guys. Once lag or other errors occurred again, we are gonna be passionately reporting it to you by posting on the forum in order to let you guys know.

Again, Thank you very much for your efforts.

I appreciate it from the heart.
Hi, Classic team

I've been having so much fun of playing D2 after you get the server back to the previous condition we had played on before. and All of the Asia server D2 users including me are really appreciated for your efforts.

However, I still wonder if you guys are planning to change anything from now on. What are you guys up to with the server? Is it big change? Why I'm asking this is because I don't really wanna see the in-game lag or log-in screen delay again. As you know tons of problems actually exist, it shouldn't happen again in the future as well.

Needless to say, positive change would be good for the users as giving great gaming circumstance. Otherwise, negative change would give users a heavy burden.

In fact, it will be useful info or notice for the users if classic team has any plan that is related to the better performance of the D2 Asia realm. What I mean is that we really like the present condition and we don't want any change. but if you do have plan to change, giving official notificiation for the users would be absolutely helpful and would be significant.

On behalf of D2 users, I thank to Classic team all of you and really appreciated of making present condition of D2. We are having so much fun with playing D2 on Asia server right now.

Just let us know if you do have any change for the server, then I'd appreciate that.

Thank you.
03/15/2019 07:00 AMPosted by AMURoREI
However, I still wonder if you guys are planning to change anything from now on. What are you guys up to with the server? Is it big change? Why I'm asking this is because I don't really wanna see the in-game lag or log-in screen delay again. As you know tons of problems actually exist, it shouldn't happen again in the future as well.

I totally agree.
The server seems to have returned to normal, but it seems to have changed a lot.
I wake up in the morning and start to turn on the first game, and it's getting queued all day, and it's getting bigger and bigger.
It's not just about me, it's about all the users. Some people say it's because of the Uber Event, but it's rarely been done before.
Blizzard said it had nothing to do with Uber.
Please answer me why the queue keeps coming up.
Yes please asnwer we want know's.
Hello, Classic team

Do you have any plan of expanding server? the reason I'm asking this is because the rating queue is showing over 500.

If you have any resolution or plans related to it, please let us know.

Hello, Classic Games Team,

After reversing the structure of Asia servers, the ping has not been better. Creating games is normal, but servers are still little unstable. Ping is between 10-150. I think servers have the bottleneck inside. So please look around them.

And I heard ladder users are experiencing the queue line. Especially, at crowded time it is easy to see queue line. Small one is 200-500 and large is 500-1000. That is nonsense. It seems that servers' capacity can not support total traffic. And also Please look into ladder servers.

Thank you very much.
Hi, Classic Team

It seems that there's still high ping appear on the Asia realm. The ping is very sporadically fluctuating so that it is so difficult to control each characters or use specific skills which needs a delicate control such as sorceress teleport, barbarian whilwind and so on.

The unstable ping is , as you know, major issue for not only me but also for Asia users because we focused on the controlling movement of the characters. So, if you look into the ping issue, I'd be appreciated.

Hoping to have the ping stablized soon.

thank you as always.

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