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hi blizzard, i cant sync my twitch desktop app with my battle.net account, i always got error 401 bad client credentials
Greetings Draknar,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues linking your Blizzard and Twitch accounts.

To help us better understand the issue, would you be able to confirm which method you are using to link your accounts? The two methods we are aware of include the Settings/Recommended Connections page on Twitch.tv (https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections), as well as the Account Sync settings screen within the Twitch Desktop App.

I'm not the original poster but I'm having the same problem. Twitch website says my Battle.net account is linked, but the desktop Twitch app says it isn't. When I click connect in the app, it takes me to the 401 page. I've tried logging in and out of the Twitch app, but nothing changes.
@Maguthul: The Mashery API keys appear to have used [0-9a-z] while the Blizzard API keys are only [0-9a-f]. On your 401 page, if you get a key that matches [g-z], you should show a friendlier error message stating that the API customer needs to migrate to the new API, and that Blizzard and the user can do nothing til they fix it.
According to this thread, they are still using the old Mashery API keys. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20771177198

Twitch needs to update their login system to use the new Blizzard APIs. You'll need to submit a ticket at Twitch and have them fix it, since the issue is on their end.
Just tried today (March 8th) and have the same error - 401 Bad client credentials.

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