BLZBNTAGT000008A4 but my internet is fine

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getting error BLZBNTAGT000008A4 in OSX high sierra. my internet connection is fine. i can browse to /applications/worldofwarcraft/_Retail_/ and manually launch the game and it loads fine, but the updater constantly says "we're having a problem transferring data, please check your internet connection

need this rectified please. problems not on my end.
now stuck at 2.6mb

this is ridiculous. the game _WORKS_, guys. whats the issue?

Often when I see that error it means there's something throttling the connection path or there's some minor instability in the path itself. Have you tried anything to troubleshoot this yet? If not, let's try a couple things and get some more info if it doesn't work.

I'd start by just turning off your mac and unplugging the router and/or modem for about 10 minute, then power it all up. This'll clear out any bad cached data.

If that doesn't work and you're running third party security, temporarily uninstall it. Every once in a while one will decide we're sending you a virus and block us.

No luck with that? I'd finish up by setting up your phone as a usb tether or hotspot and connecting via that network if you have a problem. If it's just some minor instability in the connection you should be able to make a small download to fix this. I do not recommend this for large patches because it'll eat up all your data. It's different for every phone for how you set this up, so look it up online if you need help with this step.

If you get it started you can also swap back to the old connection and see if it breaks again. If it doesn't, it was probably just a cached game file on the ISP end. They'll do this sometimes to save bandwidth, and if it's the wrong or a corrupted file it'll break your install. If it breaks again after you switch back, that probably means you have a legitimate connection error.

In any event if that doesn't work you'll want to reply back to us with a pathping test. Use the following address to run it, then when it's done open the file and paste it here so we can check it out.

Keep in mind that that file takes 20-25 minutes to run so you may want to grab a snack or something while you wait.

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