Warcraft 3 error

I can't open the game. Once I open the game. The unexpected error pops out.
Report ID:7CC5D4E8-9404-A225-E251AA15E7B4
me to, can't open the game. Once I open the game. The unexpected error pops out to.
Report ID:BA604F86-0410-43DE-B4A9-578DB6E248A9

Please help
ken12579, dalaran,

Looking over the error codes, I'd first recommend merely uninstalling and reinstalling the game files. We want to make sure they aren't corrupted in some way or didn't install properly.

Try saving the installer to your computer instead of running it from the browser. Then locate the installer program and right click > Run as Admin when starting it up. This should ensure the installer has the permissions it needs to install properly.
Hi ,my battle net name is god_hate_us_all in europe Wc3 Tft server,i play reguraly and suddenly i tried to log in and You have been temporarily restricted from the server . Please try to log in later (3.46) msg shoWs.What does even mean and What should i do? Since i do not use any kind of hacks What so ever it must be some kind of bug.please check it and reply on my email addres if possible.
Best regards
is my screen gonna stay stuck at not full screen cant find any option to make full screen in my options. just installed to computer. please help
I've reinstalled, i've used the launcher to repair, i've opened in administration but nothing is working, this is my code. "48C66543-DBBC-4014-A5D1-AE344B8C313A"

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