[D2] Blizzard, Asia Battle.net Server Needs Your Attention

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Dear Blizzard forum agent

What happening on Asia server is completely messed up. You guys, although, have recognized all this issue, what happening on asia server is terrible indeed. It's now impossible to play D2 on asia server due to failure creating rooms.

What I'm really trying to tell you is that all Asia D2 users really need latest update. What has server been fixed so far? Is it still going bad? or not? We're stuck with this forum because we are waiting for your news. It doesn't matter whether or not it has been fixed.
It'd be greatly helpful for users if you post new notifications like you just performed a day ago.
Again, please post how's the Asia region server going so far.

Your feedback would be appreciated.

I want my money back.

Do your job.
What kind of service is this? Do you still make money from this kind of services?
아정말로 너무하네요 방하나 만들어 할려면 기본5분정도 잡네 너무하네

뭐 게임을 하라는거야 아니면 키우캐릭 구경하라는거에요

제발쫌 앞으로 계속 게임할려고 하는데

이러면 무슨게임을 하겠습니까?? 아

제발 방점 만들게 해주세요 짜증나서 못하겠습니다
Hey Drakuloth. Is this an out of season april fools joke ?
Do you have any intention of fixing it?
Well, then I'd like you to elaborate on what's going

Be honest.
Are you trying to get rid of the Asian server?
You need to be honest, so I can stop playing games or find other games.
I want an early reply, not an unsophisticated one like this way.
02/23/2019 07:55 AMPosted by 러브민트
Hey Drakuloth. Is this an out of season april fools joke ?

Hoping for a better result next week.
This is way below your standard Blizzard, or is it Activision?
Even than, if you are going to keep things this way, at least take the game off your online market in Asia until it is playable again.
Very disappointed at how things apparently work in Blizzard these days... shame on you.
Never expected you guys to leave a server in such a disarray for 10+days...
Why did you turn Asian servers into such a mess?
Are you determined to get rid of the Asian server?
You're gonna have to give me a clear answer, aren't you?
The apocalypse is coming.
The Prime Evils have finally conquered this world.
Never buying future Activision/Blizzard products again.
Is this an out of season april fools joke ?
Did you do nothing to solve this problem or just leave the situation as it is?

If the former, you're just broadcasting your incompetence, and if the latter your nature that you have neglected and looked down on Korean users who have been the largest gamer group in the world is laid bare.

Who gave love and attention to your game in this situation? It seems you cannot handle this problem, only the server problem in the classic, old game!!

you are so incompetent and irresponsible.

Shame on you. Bully-zard
We'll see how much progression has made so far for the next week which is Febrary 25th to March 1st.
It's gonna be our big disappointment if nothing has changed on the Asia server.
I strongly believe that engineers will get the server back on track. I also think that there's no need of better improvements for the server.
Hoping to hear from you guys that the server runs fairly.
Ten days have passed since the Asia server was unstable.
And yet you don't give the right answer.
Hundreds of people are under stress.
I'm tired of waiting for good news.
Hi Blizzard Classic Team

We're talking about what Blizzard is doing.
I'm very unhappy and very sorry.
In the early morning of February 15, 2019 (hereinafter referred to as Korean time),
In an inappropriate way for Asian server errors in Diablo 2.
It's a level of neglect rather than an effort to resolve the situation.
This is believed to have occurred from one accident to another.
Blizzard users around the world are complaining about its lukewarm attitude.
It's amplifying right now It has grown into a global company by game alone, and has made more than 8 trillion won in annual sales.
It's an incredible amount of user activity that you can't believe is being done by a company that records
The growth of this global company includes the combined CD value of Diablo 2.
Please keep in mind your point.

In the U.S. law of litigation, there are often a series of proceedings.
How best you do after an accident or incident.
How sincere an apology and efforts are made to prevent reoccurrence to consumers.
Did these reasons end up with the conscience of the business or the quality of the service?
It's an expectation that it's going to be a value judgment.
Poor operation of consumers and expected behavior based on easy judgment
I understand that these factors add up to what we consider punitive attitudes or actions.
Blizzard is selling Diablo game CDI for about 20 dollars.
This is a normal contract relationship when the service is normal.
They're not taking any action, they're making no effort, and they're just making excuses.
We don't have a lot of users building servers and asking Blizzard to manage them.
The game environment was created by Blizzard, and the game CD was sold.
This is done to users who have paid their CD values normally through thorough management and operation.
It is in accordance with God's principle to provide a smooth and pleasant environment.
The fact that game users continue to learn more about the inconvenience than before without adhering to it and without any answer.
Blizzard destroyed the faith in God's principles first.

I and many other people of the same meaning have you at the Korean Prosecutors' Office.
In case Blizzard's intention is revealed in criminal judgment,
We will seek damages under the punitive civil action law.

Today, Blizzard is growing as a global company, and it's going to be about stars and Diablo.
If it were not for the successful efforts of classical games, it would be like wow and overwatch today.
There will be no more games, so there will be no more games for users who enjoy classical games.
Remember, do not deceive.
This is critical issue for thousands of users not for one or two users. I think it's your top priority on fixing server. Please give us updates for the users.


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