[D2] Blizzard, Asia Battle.net Server Needs Your Attention

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Dear, Mr. Mark,

KST at 4 am, I found that your team reversed the structure of Asia servers. And I know current servers' IPS are not fixed. Therefore I think your team decided it. And my classic barbarians' hitting sound becomes functional. I am really very happy as I can listen to dynamic attacking sound. But still the ping is not good. In my game, ping is between 40-150. So please look around servers in detail more.

Anyway thank you very much for your effort to save Asia servers.

Continuously I will monitor the servers.

Thank you.
Hi, Classic team

First of all, Thank you for recovery of Asia server. It seems like most of the things like ip, barbarian whilwind sound has back to the previous condition.

Now, It is our great pleasure to play D2 as usual. Like ArnoldPerm mentioned above, We will also monitor server status like you guys. Once lag or other errors occurred again, we are gonna be passionately reporting it to you by posting on the forum in order to let you guys know.

Again, Thank you very much for your efforts.

I appreciate it.

Have a good one.
When is reset?
Hello, Classic Team

I've been having so much fun of playing D2 after you get the server back to the previous condition we had played on before. and All of the Asia server D2 users including me are really appreciated for your efforts.

However, I still wonder if you guys are planning to change anything from now on. What are you guys up to with the server? Is it big change? Why I'm asking this is because I don't really wanna see the in-game lag or log-in screen delay again. As you know tons of problems actually exist, it shouldn't happen again in the future as well.

Needless to say, positive change would be good for the users as giving great gaming circumstance. Otherwise, negative change would give users a heavy burden.

In fact, it will be useful info or notice for the users if classic team has any plan that is related to the better performance of the D2 Asia realm. What I mean is that we really like the present condition and we don't want any change. but if you do have plan to change, giving official notificiation for the users would be absolutely helpful and would be significant.

On behalf of D2 users, I thank to Classic team all of you and really appreciated of making present condition of D2. We are having so much fun with playing D2 on Asia server right now.

Just let us know if you do have any change for the server, then I'd appreciate that.

Thank you.
Hello, Classic Games Team,

After reversing the structure of Asia servers, the ping has not been better. Creating games is normal, but servers are still little unstable. Ping is between 10-150. I think servers have the bottleneck inside. So please look around them.

And I heard ladder users are experiencing the queue line. Especially, at crowded time it is easy to see queue line. Small one is 200-500 and large is 500-1000. That is nonsense. It seems that servers' capacity can not support total traffic. And also Please look into ladder servers.

Thank you very much.
02/18/2019 02:09 PMPosted by Drakuloth
Hey all,

We are still working on this. I know this has been a frustrating situation, but we're working on some technology improvements for the game servers right now which caused this issue. We are not sure exactly when the issue will be fixed yet, but hopefully when it's done we will see better game performance than before the issue began.

Your patience and reports are appreciated.

Battle.net is not responding. please try connecting again in few minutes.
I cant enter D2 ` in a week, I dont use cheats, why i get ban or if its not ban tell me how i can fix that.
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03/14/2019 01:14 AMPosted by Olivie
When is reset?

When is reset?<
>?teser si nehW
You guys are aware of the queue issue right? Just checking cause it's been close to 2 weeks since the issue began. What is going on? Please get better at communication and announcements, it's getting ridiculous.
?teser si nehW
Hi, Classic team

Is there no way of getting rid of the number of 500 queue lines? It is just a burden for all of the Asia server ladder users. it so tough to play one game once long queue lines occurred. Don't you think it is?

In order to let you know this queue issue, I'm just gonna get this posting updated on the top of the forum by new reply.

Hoping Mark or other classic team guys would recognize this problem.

Thanks you.
03/19/2019 06:26 PMPosted by Zuvykree

Jgwindso what game and server are you seeing this issue on? I believe we are looking into issues on our Asia region servers at the moment. Thus performance may suffer.

was posted on march 19th when someone complained of a long queue. Can you guys follow up on this? Exactly what is the issue that Asia servers are having and what's the status of the said issue?
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Is it starting again?
I can't play games because the server is out of order.
Teleport Delay, unstable ping, and whirlwind skill bring about user anger
Please close the temporary server as soon as possible.
Hello, Classic Games Team,

About a month ago, you reversed the structure of Asia servers. After it, almost everything except queue of ladder became fine. But today's maintenance broke it down again. And symptoms are same.


Dysinc, fixed 150 Ip address, strange classic barbarians' hitting sound. Therefore, consequently I guess you used load balancing on Asia D2 servers again. So I wonder your real intention. Is it temporary treatment? Or permanent? Please give me information. Please do not make Asia D2 users down.

Thank you,

1 of Asia D2 users.
Close the temporary server and open the original server.
It's been less than a month since the server was normalized.
I don't want to remind you of the nightmare that you opened your temporary server for a month.
Asia users are complaining
No one wants it.


The reason why we should not open a temporary server was written in detail by ArnoldPerm above.
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