[D2] Blizzard, Asia Battle.net Server Needs Your Attention

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The server is still a mess.
What did you check?

None of the many errors have been fixed.
Can't we get the server back to normal?
You know there's no other way.

I'm begging you to return the server to its original state.
There is a limit to playing games as a temporary server.

I beg you again, Blizzard

We need a right to play D2 with normal Asia server!!!

Correct this problem as fast as you can.

Blizzard matters money Only????

Don't make me stop playing Blizzard
뭔가를 해보고 싶은데 서버가 메롱이면 할맛이 나요 안나요...?

너네도 월급 못 받으면 일하기 싫은것처럼..

서버가 좋아야지 게임도 재밌게 즐길 수 있을거 아닌가!!

블리자드 20년간 골수 팬 으로부터!
Hey Blizzard.

Since you guys have applied load balancing and changed to a temporary server structure, I can't play the Diablo2 game--

Do you know why?

The game balance has become a mess--

You guys don't play games on Asia server, so you don't know if this is serious right now, right?

I swear to you, if you do it yourself, you'll be so annoyed that you'll spit insults on yourself.

I've been watching the server check for a while.

But the temporary server structure was changed from ip150 to ip50 and nothing changed at all, right?--

You don't know what's wrong, or you pretend you don't?

You know that banning the use of load balancing and turning the temporary server back to the original server will solve the problem, right?--

Don't piss off Asia users anymore. Get the server back to normal.

I don't want to be stressed out about games anymore--
So I thinks for this and at the now I think an Blizzard's members VS Activision's members for fighting.
P.s. In my real natural life of I is down'ed a those Activision.
Last game its not Blizzard style.
I an a watched the animation movie is was at ' Toy Story ' a first release from 90x.
Oh ye.. this animation as a perfect Blizzard style.. not them a stupid bla bla HD.
Yes. I know what is it. Battle battle fight fight. Honestly forever? With other parasites? How? - easy :D
Now. Opened very long queue.
When on earth are you going to update?
The game lag is driving me crazy.
In four days, it will be almost a month.
Please return the Asia server to the previous structure.
I'm dying.
Hello, Classic Games Team.

It is almost 4 weeks from last application of load balancing. And also a half year from your first trial since last December. However you can not solve issues told by so many users and many times. During several years, I have been looking at servers' surroundings in and out. But this moment is so terrible. And I believe it is not coincidence as this happened after Michael Morhaime left Blizzard. He promised to support the classic games. But things are not going well.

You know, in nice weather nice whirlwind slaughtering monsters can make us happy. Now servers' situation can not fulfill it. The main title of hack-and-slash in D2 is already gone. Just sticky and viscid lag is left. Whenever my mouse point moves, my character acts like gum stuck under the soles of shoes.

Therefore I insist on requesting of information for your progress of investigation or the way of solving issues. Just silence? No no no. Absolutely It can not be your answer. There, there, we are here on the beginning of May, and it is getting hotter. And also our displeasure and anger too. To make them cool, I am just pouring cold Iced Americano into my mouth and waiting your feedback. Please gimme your answer before our heart and brain exploded.

Thank you.

The Asia server problem is still serious.

If you don't get the answer, no matter what evidence you give, you'll lose your strength.

As you can see from the last comment, we think we've given you enough feedback on server status.

It's been a month since these problems lasted.
I want you to take responsibility for leaving the server unattended for a month.

I need you to give up load balancing and normalize the server.

The moments we've been through with load balancing are terrible.
Thank you too.
Hello, Classic Games Team.

Why hasn't the Asian server problem solved yet?
You don't even explain it to the user.

Trust is collapsing.

It was a recurring problem.

Return the Asian server to normal.

We don't want to be in this situation. We don't wait long.

Thank you.
To likes dear you at now your server be fully clearly.
The server is in a very bad condition, so I haven't been playing games properly for over a month.
I think you're just too much.
Why can't you get the server back to its original state in the face of complaints from Asia users?
You're ignoring our opinions even though we've been giving you feedback on server issues?
There are a lot of people who have left the game because of load balancing.
Every time I play a game, I feel like I'm going to get sick. Every movement is slow and high game ping, and it stimulates my anger even more.
Don't ignore it. Put the server back where it was. I think it's going to get really angry.
Due to load balancing, Asia users are disappearing. We don't want them to leave.

We're playing games in 35 days of pain.

It's not that I don't understand what your think, but the results of load balancing are so bad for Asia users that I'm asking them to normalize their servers every time. I can't see any more Asia users leave.

I want to enjoy playing with clean game-playing like the old server for just one day.

We pray together every day that the server can be normalized as soon as possible.

I hope the day will come soon when you can understand our minds.

Thank you for your hard work for us every time.
Isn't that really too much?
We are playing games suffering for 40 days in uncomfortable situations due to various errors.

Now that you've created this situation, I want you to take responsibility for it.
We just want the server back.
How long are you going to stay silent?

I want you to think of all of us who are so frustrated that we might get sick.
I beg you from the bottom of my heart.

I want the server back.
I don't need anything else.
I'm begging you.
Please, I sincerely hope that the server problem will be resolved before resetting the Asia server.

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