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The StarCraft 2 ladder api endpoint is currently returning outdated data(4 or so days old now). The responses are 200s but they do not accurate reflect the current ladder standings for a given ladder id(I have only tested grandmaster).

Here is an example of a player's win/loss count being out of date in the api vs in game.

API: shows 129-49
in game: shows 157-56

I should also note that the NA server IS returning up to date data as expected. It is only Europe I seeing this behavior on and have confirmed it with 3-4 other app developers and they are seeing the same behavior. According to one of the devs, this behavior started on Monday(they said after maintenance?). Hopefully that is helpful.

Thanks so much. I would really appreciate if this could be looked into asap since I think a lot of devs have had their apps working off out of date data for the past 4-5 days.
This is very similar to what happened the last time the EU servers showed a drastic decline in games per day on rankedftw. Interesting, why is it always the EU data that seems to get affected?
Any update on this?
It's still not working... hoping it gets fixed soon.
Just wanted to say this looks like it got fixed today. Thank you!
Yes, seems fixed now.
The same issue has come up again this season.
Yes, stale data on EU again.
Same issue as these guys have said please fix blizzard :)

Many thanks
06/17/2019 10:55 AMPosted by Cyanide
The same issue has come up again this season.
Any update please blizzard (:
still no fix hope gets up and running again soon :c
still no fix, any update blizzard ?
Can confirm fixed thanks blizzard !
Looks like we have this problem on AM server now.

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