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For a simple stats overview I am collecting the battleground data of (atm) approx. 1.2mio players from german and english (eu) realms.

I noticed 2 Problems:

Problem 1: Seething Shore.
The Data for Seething Shore is completely off and completely impossible.
I have over 77k players in my Database that have more victories than matches played.
Here a few examples:

Some have more than 1000% winrate in Seething Shore.

I first noticed this phenomenon with Eye of the Storm, (more on that in Problem 2) so I thought, okay, this is an old BG, maybe there was a bug and since they did not want to reset the data the data is now off for some players. But Seething Shore is the brand new BFA BG....

Problem 2: Eye of the Storm
Okay, so, as I said before, Eye of the Storm has the same Problem as Seething Shore. Over 50k players from my sample have more Eye of the Storm victories than matches played.
(if you want examples for that, you have to do api calls for the statistics of those players. For example: Inzzy - Tarren Mill, Ariana - Executus, nerastos - Lightning's blade)
When I tried to look those players up on the WoW Website, (like I did for Seething Shore) I noticed that the Eye of the Storm stats don't look off on the Website. But then I noticed something else..

Problem 2.5: Eye of the Storm Website Data
As I mentioned, I noticed the Eye of the Storm Stat Problem before I noticed that there is a Problem with Seething Shore as well. So I attempted to calculate the actual Eye of the Storm stats by adding together the stats for all other BGs and subtracting those from the "Total BG" value (Which is actually now pointless, because the Seething Shore Data is also wrong..).
I noticed that the Eye of the Storm Data I calculated is an _EXACT MATCH_ with the Eye of the Storm Data on the World of Warcraft Website.
That should be impossible. To me that means, that someone working on the Website probably noticed that the Eye of the Storm Data is wrong and actually calculates the Data for Eye of the Storm the same way I do.
Which means that the Eye of the Storm Data on the Website is not the actual data but only what remains when you subtract all other BG data from the BG Total value....

Sorry that my explanation is hard to follow. If you do the Api calls on the players I mentioned you can see this for yourself...
It's an extremely frustrating issue ...

Thanks for reading!

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