I want notifications without vibration or noise.

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After looking around Google for a long while, the best answer on BNet is "it uses your device's notification settings" and every Android forum's answer to making a single app stop vibrating is to "use that app's in-app notification settings"

Only, apparently Battlenet is so important that it doesn't get those. Either every internal app stops vibrating too, or I don't get notifications for BNet at all. Any chance at getting on/off switches for vibration and jingles? I want the icon at the top of my phone, but I can't have that without getting buzzed at every other second during a conversation.

What version of Android is your phone running? Android offers Notification Categories on Oreo (8.0) and above. This feature allows you to customize how notifications will behave on your device.

You can get to this menu on most phones by going to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all. Choose the Battle.net app and tap Notifications. You can then select a category and customize how the notification will behave on your device (vibration, sound, etc).

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