Overwatch League API Needs Fixing

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This post is referring to the overwatch league stats API linked below & sites that rely on those pages such as the official overwatch league stats page.


-Retired Players such as Dafran & Stellar have been removed from the api. (Effect is still in there for whatever reason).

-Traded players need separate stat tracking for each team they're on.

-Add team stats please since the above two issues have made calculating team stats impossible.

By that I mean that in stage 1 OWL you could calculate and compare team avg stats by multiplying player stats by (minutes/10), adding that number together for each player on a team, and multiplying by 6. Because there is missing data & incorrect data from retired/traded players calculating accurate team stats (such as team final blows/10 mins) is now impossible.
I agree.

Normally I would say something is better than nothing. But these kind of holes in an API that is so data/numbers driven really causes problems (like you mentioned) that render the whole thing unusable. Which leaves me to believe that they are either going to completely abandon the public API, or just rewrite the whole thing eventually. Hoping for a rewrite cause its kind of a mess right now, even if it was accurate.

At the moment, I would only choose to rely on basic data fetching that could be resigned fairly easily if they change things. Stats are questionable at best and I wouldn't be surprised if they drop all stats-related data and make it internal-only either.

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