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05/24/2019 05:26 AMPosted by ArnoldPerm
Hello, Jordan Irwin,

As soon as I found your reply, I played D2 for a while and recorded to show you and your team.

First of all, I want to say "Thank you very much". You and your team solve some of issues. I mean, lag(jumping twice in using teleport) and classic barbarians' hitting feeling. In the total view point, ping become stable. Currently It is not over 100. It stays between 10-60, I think. And I am really happy as classic barbarians' hitting sound came back lively. I can feel directly dynamic power of classic barb. So, what a very nice work and good job!

However one thing is left. I am using the most famous D2 community in Korea, republic. After applying the load balancing, Uber Diablo Events are decreasing obviously. Mr. Mark said your team's intention is not preventing to hold Uber Diablo Events. But our reality, it is. As we expect next month's new ladder game, load balancing will affect widely. Therefore I recommend you consider on this point. I mean revealed fixed Ip 150 or 50.

Finally I remain my video address for you. Again, Good job and Thank you!


1 of Asia D2 users.
It doesn't change Uber Diablo Event, you can still sell Stone of Jordans and get your Anni in your game, you just cannot get 50+ Annis any longer, but that was also not the intention of the Diablo Event
Asia servers were equipped with load balancing (fixed ip)
Birze, you may not understand this very well.

Currently, Asia servers have an ip of 50 or 150, all, according to Diablo figures.

This is a serious hindrance to the Uber event. Why? Each room seems to have the same ip, but in reality, they're all different ips.

very worried at a time when the ladder reset is just around the corner.
So Asia users are hoping to solve the ip problem.
05/24/2019 01:27 PMPosted by Knight
Asia servers were equipped with load balancing (fixed ip)
Birze, you may not understand this very well.

Currently, Asia servers have an ip of 50 or 150, all, according to Diablo figures.

This is a serious hindrance to the Uber event. Why? Each room seems to have the same ip, but in reality, they're all different ips.

very worried at a time when the ladder reset is just around the corner.
So Asia users are hoping to solve the ip problem.
I do understand what that means. You can't easily hunt 50 Annis with one World Event, which is mostly done by bots.
You're saying something else.
They're saying there's a serious disruption to the Uber event when the ip's fixed, but what do you mean, 50 Annis?
여전히 고정아이피 문제는 해결 되지 않았습니다.

안정적인 환경에서 게임하고 싶습니다.

꼭 해결해주세요.
This update made us very happy. Thanks again.

But there's still a chronic problem.

The biggest problem with Uber event and other frequent errors is ip, as you know.

The resetting of the ladder server is coming up soon and this problem is putting Asia users in trouble.

I'm so grateful to you, but I really hope you can solve this problem.
Help me play as classic as before.

Hello, Jordan Irwin,

As someone noticed to me, I played D2 now to see what is going on. Sadly repeated lag came back. Consistently I can see 218 ping. And jumping twice in using teleport, lost classic barbarians's whirlwind feeling are same.

Therefore please look into Asia servers.

Thank you.
05/23/2019 02:51 PMPosted by Jordan Irwin
We recently deployed updates that should improve the lag problems with Teleport and Whirlwind (as well as other conditions, but those are the most notable ones).

Thanks to all who have provided valuable feedback (and videos!) to help us understand the problem better.

Hi, Jordan

I noticed that there are still teleport lag and whirlwind lag problems going on.
Moreover, the ping jumps up to 200 just as before.

It would be nice if you look into the ping issue again.

Thank you
Diablo 2 Asia 1 It's hard to play. Server Normalization Please run it fast
Ping is climbing back to 219, and teleport lag are repeated.

If we don't solve the IP problem, these errors will not go away.

Return the Asia server to its previous structure. I beg you.
As other people said earlier, a day after the Asia server problem was solved, the errors repeated.

These errors are likely to occur frequently and will be difficult to catch at once.

I think getting the server back to its old structure will be a much more reliable play for us.

At least because the previous structure had no such errors.
Hi, Classic team and developers

The teleport lag and whirlwind lag problems still occurred in the morning. Especially, the ping goes up to 200 which demonstrates the state of unstability of the server.

The reason I'm writing the same content on the board is that this issue is not only happening in the evening but also happening in the "MORNING TIME" at which few users usually log on to their network and played D2. Today, I started playing D2 at 7 am ,and Now, it is 15minutes to 9am.

In my point of view, investigation would better be started over again.

Thank you.
The server is not very good. Ping is rising high. This is very painful.

Delay should not exist absolutely in game play.

We need to change to the previous structure, which is the best way to catch all kinds of errors.

Teleport, whirlwind, and fixed ip make UberEvent almost meaningless.
Hello, Classic Games Team.

For two days, I have been monitoring servers and they look like fine now. Ping stays between 10-50 and I can feel stable.

So, during weekend I realized I misunderstood you and load balancing. As soon as I heard the structure of servers changed, I could feel it would take long time to solve issues. I thought all problems were associated with the new structure of servers. Actually lag made me annoyed. As a result it was taken several months to solve. But I overlooked advantages of load balancing like these things.

1. Even though becoming more inconvenient, still it is possible to hold Uber Diablo Event. Just its procedure changed. The event host notices for time and sells SOJ slowly, while participants create games to see SOJ being sold repeatedly. When they get Uber game, they stop creating. Of course they can meet temporary restriction like 10,000 queue.

2. Third party program users can not get many Uber games any more. One day I heard someone got 10 Uber games. Without hack he can not. So potentially load balancing can give fair opportunity to get Uber games for legitimate users.

3. Before applying load balancing, whenever someone holding Uber Diablo event, it is easy to see queue as I try to create games. It was just 500-600 queue. However Uber Diablo event affected classic games too. As you know in classic mode Uber Diablo can not give anything. So some users were complaining for queue. But now I don't see any queue. It means, as you said, servers' surroundings become better.

4. The load balancing, after ladder reset, will affect much widely. And I can expect load balancer can have more functions such as filtering. Currently it is right that load balancing is for next steps of updates.

Finally thank you for your efforts and trial. If I find anything or problem, I will write on this thread.

Sincerely, 1 of Asia D2 users.
having the same in US EAST on one character only.
Asia users living above have used proxy to access server.

The West server is well connected, but when the Asia server is connected, the port 6112 error appears and the game cannot be played.

Can you tell me why you applied it only to Asia servers?

So, Asia users living abroad shouldn't play Diablo2 anymore?
After you apply load balancing, which temporarily hides Asia server ip, users who live abroad or play games using proxy to improve ping parts have become very difficult to access.

I don't know why you changed the structure of load balancing, but whatever the reason, I don't think it's helpful to hide ip.

If that's the case, I think it's better to reduce the server.

Users who use proxies to access games complain that they can't play the game.

Please answer.
I’ve recently received several emails regarding my Asia account telling my that it will expire soon if I don’t play it. All I can say is that I have played this account as recently as today June 15,2019. Which was this morning and have also played this account several times in the last month. What’s your take on this?
It's over or not, don't know. Of course be time we have, but to be soon will 'hottime'.

If that question:
05/21/2019 06:24 PMPosted by Birze
Open a fresh topic regarding the recent issues.

Then: that answer's is full "kicked".
Take so next: that abused Activision added before release CD games so added hide hack to this CD. Now Blizzard which Activision.. but that SxxT from Activision I be remember all time. Fukk off Activision and shut down from Blizzard.

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