[D2, asia realm]excessive long queue ratings

Hi, Classic Team

First of all, Thank you for the recovery of the Asia server.

Recently, there is excessive queue rating on the Asia server when creating in-game rooms. I believe that it is the matter of a lot of users who are trying to create rooms.

Because of the long ratings of queue, I've been a bit uncomfortable with playing D2 when screen shows a long rating of queue. Sometimes, I have to be waiting for longer than 5minutes just to create one in-game room due to the approximately around 500 ratings. As I know, It doesn't happen like this.

Is ther any solution you could think of?

블리자드, 당신들 정말 그렇게
우리는 정당하게, 돈을 주고 게임을 구매했고,
게임을 즐겁게 즐길 권리가 있습니다,
근데? 왜? 서버관리가 전혀 안되는건가요,
지속적으로 생기는 방생성문제, 방생성때 생기는 대기 문제
전혀 달라지는게없습니다, 고전 게임이라고,
사람을 무시하는건가요?
제발.. 서버 관리좀 부탁드립니다. 제발
서버 관리 좀 합시다 !!!
Blizzard, you guys really do that.
Are you going to work?
We bought the game justly, for the money.
You have the right to enjoy the game.
But? Why? Is there no server management at all?
continuous germination problem, atmospheric problem that occurs during germination
It doesn't make any difference. It's a classic game.
Are you ignoring people?
Please... take care of the server. please
Give me an answer when you've read it.
The queues that used to occur very occasionally. But since the server was restored, they have queues of more than 500 since the beginning.
The number of users has not risen sharply, and it is a problem that Blizzard needs to solve if not for weekends or Uber events.
Just like before, let me play the game in a pleasant environment.
Old game, server management Would it be this way?
This game is a money-giving game, and you should not manage the server in this way. I have to wait about 5 minutes to create a room. It is very inconvenient.
Now is start up new era.
omg server

I bought it with money.
Why are you doing this to me
Stop it.
I'm sorry for the money.
Blizzard Entertainment
The servers that have been running well for days are getting weird and queued again.
I wonder if you're aware of this. A lot of Diablo users are still playing games, and I'm playing games, too.Please tell me when the server will be improved.
Blizzard supervisors ....
Wish to invest time much more in server management.
This time, there were a lot of eroticisms in recreation hall to server problem
Although time was required until is normalized in this segment, is glad to normalize. However, leave-taking occurs queue about room creation. If server increase is not, there are no other plans
Hi, classic team

Now, it is 9:12 pm in Korea.
The queue rating is now showing around 1000 once create room. Each user has to spend too much time on getting into in-game due to the 1000 ratings of queue.

This issue has be resolved.

Hoping that classic team would notice this problem and find out any solutions for this.

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Hi, classic team

The queue rating shows over 500 which takes longer for users to get into the in-game. It seems that it is nothing to do with excessive attempts of creating rooms. It was originally alright creating rooms before. On the other hand, it doesn't happen as it was beofre. Many users feel uncomfort due to much of queue ratings.

Personally, I believe it is matter of size of server. If so, it would be better expanding the server. Anyhow, I'd be appreciated if you guys give us any feedbacks of it.

I always appreciate for your passionism and effort.

Hoping to get back from you soon.

Queue Queue Queue Queue Queue Queue

It's making me crazy.

I thought it was okay in the morning, but it's growing.
The queue is now 600+
Don't you really know why this is happening?
Can't you guess why there's a constant queue?

Please allow me to enjoy the game in this pleasant environment.

Hi, Classic team

Queue rating still occurred which the waiting queue shows approximiately 300. It's now 10:42am in Korea. It's not supposed to happen like this.
We feel uncomfort with playing D2.

Please look into it.
I agree with AMURoREI, ever since last weekend we've experienced more than normal amount of queues. At first I thought it was because of the server going back to way it was, plus the weekend crowd. But right now it's Wednesday 11AM in Asia and we are getting queues.
You are 'b'a'c'k' to Asia?
hello ~ dear manager :D

thanks for come back sever problem....

even sever has some problem, i think it will back good codition..

when users make a room, it happen long waiting line..and some lag too

i hope you solve this problem ~~ thanks for listing my saying ~~

have a good day !

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