[D2, asia realm]excessive long queue ratings

서버 관리 좀 부탁드립니다 ~~~~

최소 대기열이라도 안생기게 해주세요... ㅠ
Hi, Classic Team

First of all, Thank you for the recovery of the Asia server.

Recently, there is excessive queue rating on the Asia server when creating in-game rooms. I believe that it is the matter of a lot of users who are trying to create rooms.

Because of the long ratings of queue, I've been a bit uncomfortable with playing D2 when screen shows a long rating of queue. Sometimes, I have to be waiting for longer than 5minutes just to create one in-game room due to the approximately around 500 ratings. As I know, It doesn't happen like this.

Is ther any solution you could think of?


- coco -
9:30 EST I am getting about 700 queues when creating games.
Please look into this asap.
Hi, Classic Team

I'm a D2 user on the Asia ladder server. There's still a large amount of queue line appear once create room. It is difficult to play D2 in-game on normal condition not only for me but also for all Asia ladder users.

The number of queue is line shows normally 400 ,so it's so hard to create one room at a time. Furthermore, the amount of queue line even gets larger in the evening or especially during the weekend which it makes me giving up playing D2.

I hope some of the isssues I report to you would be solved soon.

Thank you as always.
Hi, Classic Team

The queue line still appear once create game. The queue line shows over 200. I believe it is the matter of the capacity of the Asia server. Users are rarely playing D2 this time.

Now, it is 4:24 pm in Korea.

Just wanna let you guys know this.

Hi, Classic team

Alright, now, In Asia ladder server, the queue line is steadily increasing up to 500. As a matter of facts, it is nothing to do with the number of users or heavy attempts of creating rooms.

Now it is 4:41 pm in Korea.

sup classic team,

right now 3/21/2019 7:32 AM EST, creating games in asia realm gets you in a queue of about 780. not too long ago mark chandler revealed to us that due to changes in server security vs spectre and meltdown, the cpu usage was up 30%. as a counter measure he told us that the number of game servers doubled in asia realm. if this is true, i don't understand the long queue. also there are couple of questions related to recent change in network design.

1. is the network design back to way it was before feb 14 2019 maintenance?

2. if the answer to question 1 is yes, is this how it is going to be from now on?

3. if the answer to question 1 is no, does this mean load balancing server is still in play?

4. did you guys split the servers in two groups? first group to tweak the network design with load balancing applied which you guys are currently working on. second group of server for D2 asia realm with pre feb-14-2019 network design to keep us happy, but since servers are split with less processing power resulting in long queues? (it's just my personal theory to make sense of things)

Thanks for spending time to read. I look forward from hearing from you guys soon, it's been a while since your last reply regarding the server issue.

Best regards.
hey classic team,

can we get some updates on long queues?
Hello, Mark and Classic Team

Still, amount of 500 queue line shows on the screeen on the Asia ladder server.
I believe you might be busy with other business.

Hi, Im just refreshing this up on the forum board ,so that you guys are able to recognize this Asia ladder server queue issue.

Again, there are still large amount of queue lines showed on the screen like 700 at 1am.

Hope you guys see this posting sooner.

Classic team,

can you guys provide us with any info on abnormal wait times when creating games?
Hi, Classic team

Now it is 7:30am in S.Korea.
The waiting queue line is still shown on the Asia ladder server which doesn't make sense at all. It supposed to be create fairly as usual which it is not the time to be crowded. I presume that this is clearly the matter of the server.

There is no doubt for that as you guys already know. Hoping you guys would see this posting soon. Like I mentioned on many postings already, I have to be posting this with the similar contents only to emphasize how serious it is rihgt now.

I believe that you guys understand how users are feel like with this queue issue.

Hi, Classic team and Mark

Why is this queue thing happening all day? The number of waiting queue line sticks to 700 at every night and everyday. Now, it is 10:30pm in S.Korea.

The main reason I'm uncomfortable with long waiting queue is following below;

1. Because of the waiting queue line, I have "time consumption" which is unnecessary when playing D2 Asia ladder server. At least, it took me 5 minutes or longer to get into one game which hasn't happened before.

2. Because of the waiting queue line, It is impossible to do "Item Farming" in a fast way. If it is impossible to do "Item Farming", it is imposing users to stop playing D2. Swift "Item Farming" has so much importance for the users as you guys know.

Hope you guys recognize this issue and have it recovered soon.

Thank you.
Right now 4PM EST, 6AM in East Asia, which is as you know slower time of the day, we are getting queues around 500. What's is going on? The lack of communication is ... frustrating. Please update your user base, thank you.
Please, do something about this damn queue.
I'm so frustrated.
Tell me at once why the queue is so long.
Don't you know the cause? Don't you know anyone?
Please let me get rid of all this curiosity and frustration.
Hi, Classic team

Any updates for the queue thing?
Any info on the server status? Are you guys done tweaking/fixing? Is there an explanation for the long queues? Just a formal announcement on what is being done and what the current status is what the most of the players need.

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