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Hello, I just renewed my WoW membership, and was downloading the new update and I keep getting an error on the download page. This error says "we're having a problem transferring data, please check your internet connection just in case, and try again".

I have checked my internet all seems fine. As of now my OS is High Sierra. On my other computer to my surprise it was able to download fine, but my main computer seems to only have this issue.
WOW actually has its own Forum, and within that Forum is another Mac Support Sub-Forum.

Here is a Link to a Thread that is discussing DL Issues of WOW and WOW Updates.

Of course the WHOLE WOW Forum under Blizzard's Rules states that you MUST have a Level 10 Character to Post there. Anyone; however, can Read the Forum.

I do believe that in the Thread I've Linked, or maybe a similar Thread in the WOW Forum, that a Blue Post states that they've traced a problem with DL-ing to a specific ISP Provider.


Actually found where the Blue states that there's one specific ISP at issue.

Good luck.

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