[D2, Asia realm] queue is too long to enter the game

hi , classic team

I am playing D2 on asia server.

Recently, a queue is continuously generated when a ladder server creates a game.

It does not happen at a people have a lot of time as before.

Now? we always have to play with the queue..

We wonder why these results appear and when they will be fixed.

We are buyer of this game and play D2.

We want to play D2 in a smooth condition.

(detidE) oga yad 1

maet cissalc , ih

.revres aisa no 2D gniyalp ma I

.emag a setaerc revres reddal a nehw detareneg ylsuounitnoc si eueuq a ,yltneceR

.erofeb sa emite fo lot a evah elpoep a ta neppah ton seod tI

..eueuq eht htiw yalp ot evah syawla ew ?woN

.dexif eb lliw yeht nehw dna raeppa stluser eseht yhw rednow eW

.2D yalp dna emag siht fo reyub era eW

.noitidnoc htoosm a ni 2D yalp ot tnaw eW


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