The CD key provided is currently disable.


I just buy Reforded Warcraft3 (TFT) tomorrow. Visa deducted my money (TRANSACTION HISTORY is nothing). T_T

But now, i can not login Battle Net and bug notice "The CD key provided is currently disable."

Need helppppppppppppppp


If you've prepurchased Warcraft 3 Reforged then you don't need to use CD-keys anymore. The game is now linked to your account like our more modern games.

If you're seeing that CDkey error, it probably means you have some old files on your system. Try uninstalling Warcraft 3 first, then we'll reinstall the new files.

You can find the new installer files here. After installing the game you'll see an option to add a key or to log in with your account. Select the option to log in and it should unlock the game with your prepurchase.
Glad u censored my reply on this post L O V I N G it ffs so when someone discourages other people from buying the new product since there is not even proper support for the old ones and the fact that u didnt even reply to my post only, shows my suspicion even more your company only care for new customers that you can milk out with your up to date garbage. Like i said people who already bought the game are on a low priority list if even that pretty much u sh°°° in their face.

But not with me i was always a person that doesnt swim with the flow of the river and when i notice injustice im gonna open my mouth regardless if u ,,hide'' my
latest post.

I find it amusing it was my 2nd post since i supported your company from playing your games since 2006 and yet you try to supress my voice people like u piss me off even more, i cannot stay 100% constructive when something like that happens to me but even if, thats no excuse to hide my oppinon only because u are scared some not so manipulated people might agree with my view.

If thats the chase u better end up banning me permanently because i dont fall for this passive supression of my oppinion.

And that only encourages me to to voice my oppinion even louder and more frequent from now on because we have more then enough Yesmens in the World.

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