Diablo II download vs CD code

I haven't played Diablo II in YEARS, and decided to dig it out, unfortunately my laptop doesn't have a disk drive anymore. I figured, no big deal, I'll download it and use my CD game codes. Well after downloading and trying to install, the game codes wont work. I came on to my (new) blizzard account because I couldn't even remember the old one, and added the diablo II code with no issues, but still can't get it to install? The LoD code wont work, but I;m guessing its because it's attached to my old account. Any help would be appreciated!
Be now a need rebuying digital code for your game.
the 26 digit keys should work no matter what account you download the installers with. basically, if you have both D2 and LOD registered, even if they are on 2 different accounts, all you have to do is download the installers from this site and then enter the 26 digit keys when prompted for them.
That all for Reforged.

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