Problem with connecting to Bnet

Support is not responding. please try connecting again in few minutes.
I cant enter D2 ` in a week, I dont use cheats, why i get ban or if its not ban tell me how i can fix that.
i've had this issue for 2 weeks still no answer, all they say is right click to open it but keeps saying they're not responding and saying its my issuse
you send them Traceroute?
same !@#$ since 1 days wow 2 week really this is crap like who is judging youre hacking like i got only one char and hes trash and only lvl 77 nice hack guys lol…
i have been temporarily restricted from the server (3.46) wtf is that? i had an issues with my cpu. i wiped out the hard drive saved my wc3 things. had to redl . ok? i can log in input my cd keys. all good when i try to connect to i get that error. i need a fix .

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