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I'm working on a personal project regarding WoW items, stash, stacks, missing items, etc and I'm trying to access the items that my char has in it's bank.

Is there an API that could help me to do this ?

I don't have an issue with it being an API only for 1 char, and could not be able to access someone else's Battlenet bank, or Guild bank, let's say.

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There is no web API for accessing bank or inventory data.

To access that kind of information you need an addon.
Hi Schiller,

I can't use an addon. I'm building an app to check if I have some items in my inventory, web app, and I need the data parsable :( Hence, the addon doesn't help :( Unless I build a server around it to make the data available "online", but then I need to "open" all my chars daily to check the inventory and so on ... may problems will emerge.

So the answer is no.

Any idea where I can suggest this kind of API ? Or I write to Elon Musk ?

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Here is the only place where you can suggest something like that.

However I don't think you'll ever get something like that through the API. People are waiting over 4 years for an endpoint to access guild calendar data and still no word on that.

API data are not real-time, even auctions are generated in dumps at least 15min apart. Just imagine the huge amount of data blizzard would have to dump to actually expose every character items.

Most likely the reason APIs are isolated from game servers is to improve performance, imagine tons of apps querying game data at the same time people are playing and generating even more data. Most API endpoint related to characters are updated when a character logs out of the game, and they are very basic data compared to the whole inventory, banks and void storage.

Also this kind of information could be used to build unwanted apps like illegal real-money item trades.

I guess you could try E.M., but he would be too high to reply. =D

The only plausible suggestion I can give you is to use some addon like ElvUI or bagnon that already has a bag system included and just upload and parse their lua files.

Unfortunately there isn't much I can do to help you on this matter. Perhaps you might wanna try joining us at the unofficial discord and ask around, maybe someone there can think of another approach.

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