Battlenet Launcher Bug

Bug Report
The launcher displays code instead of the usual highlights under each of the Games tabs. The Social, Shop, and News tabs are unaffected.

The code looks like this:
{"version": "4", "rollouts": [{"experiments": [{"status": "Paused", "audienceIds": [], "variations": [{"variables": [], "id": "11378463365", "key": "11378463365", "featureEnabled": false}], "id": "11359483452", "key": "11359483452", "layerId": "11380772300", "trafficAllocation": [{"entityId": "11378463365", "endOfRange": 10000}]

and continues on for awhile.

I have tried re-installing the app, but that doesn't seem to fix it. I am running on macOS Mojave Version 10.14.4.

Any help would be great!
Thank you!

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