Bad blizzard support

Just recently got back into diablo 2. Bought a new copy since I lost my old one. Been playing for a while and recently found my old original copy of the game. Registered my cd key on and hopped on diablo with my girlfriend only to find out im temp banned. When i contact support the first time in not happy but continue to ask questions until "zahuit" hangs up on me and considers it resolved. Go to file another ticket only to have them hang up on me AGAIN. I get blizzard is an old game however i have purchased 2 copies of a game that i cannot play with a company that cannot fix the issue. Im no lawyer but if i purchase a service, cant use the service, cant be givin the service OR a refund when i request it, isnt this considered fraud? Ive spent hundreds of dollars on blizzard games and hope this issue is resolved im a reasonable manner (by the way the "24 hour" ban that im supposably under for reasons they wont tell me, has been going on for 30 hours now.)

Sincerely another pissed off customer.
Are you connecting through a VPN or any other shared connection? Those will generally get you blocked from logging on.
I had a very similar issue. Except that im banned til 2020. Check out my thread if you want more info.

Old time d2 customers here getting banned while actual cheaters/botters are all over d2.
they hang up because they have nom clue what they are doing its a joke on the players

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