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Greetings everyone,

We have some exciting news to share! Earlier this week we released some new data to the Game Data APIs for World of Warcraft. This release includes new data and endpoints related to PvP Seasons, character PvP rankings, pets, mounts, creatures, and guilds.

Please refer to the below list for a complete list of endpoint additions:

Game Data API:

  • /data/wow/pvp-season/index
  • /data/wow/pvp-season/{id}
  • /data/wow/pvp-season/{id}/pvp-leaderboard/index
  • /data/wow/pvp-season/{id}/pvp-leaderboard/{bracketType}
  • /data/wow/pvp-season/{id}/pvp-reward/index
  • /data/wow/pvp-tier/index
  • /data/wow/pvp-tier/{id}
  • /data/wow/media/pvp-tier/{id}
  • /data/wow/achievement/index
  • /data/wow/achievement/{id}
  • /data/wow/media/achievement/{id}
  • /data/wow/achievement-category/index
  • /data/wow/achievement-category/{id}
  • /data/wow/pet/index
  • /data/wow/pet/{id}
  • /data/wow/mount/index
  • /data/wow/mount/{id}
  • /data/wow/creature/{id}
  • /data/wow/media/creature-display/{id}
  • /data/wow/creature-type/index
  • /data/wow/creature-type/{id}
  • /data/wow/creature-family/index
  • /data/wow/creature-family/{id}
  • /data/wow/media/creature-family/{id}
  • /data/wow/guild/{realmSlug}/{guildName}
  • /data/wow/guild/{realmSlug}/{guildName}/roster
  • /data/wow/guild/{realmSlug}/{guildName}/achievements
  • /data/wow/guild-crest/index
  • /data/wow/media/guild-crest/emblem/{id}
  • /data/wow/media/guild-crest/border/{id}

Profile API:

  • /profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/pvp-summary
  • /profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/pvp-bracket/{bracketType}

Additional notes:

  • With the addition of the above endpoints, we advocate that you transition your applications to the Game Data API endpoints where possible, as the WoW Game Data API is considered to be more stable versus the WoW Community API at this time.
  • Some guilds may be unavailable until they experience in-game activity.
  • Some character profile documents will be unavailable until the next time the character logs out of the game. These documents include Character PvP Bracket Statistics, and Character PvP Summary.
  • Data relating to PvP seasons prior to the current season (27) is currently unavailable and requests for such data will result in a 403 Forbidden error.

For more detailed information about the new API methods, visit the API Reference pages for the World of Warcraft Game Data APIs and the World of Warcraft Profile APIs.

Please feel free to post any feedback, comments, or questions here.


Any chance we can get those creature media as webp as well as jpg? Would be nice to have transparent backgrounds.
Also, since this thread wasn't flagged as having a blue post on the topic list, my blue tracker skipped it.
emmm achievement criteria now in the calls thats nice
Still checking in. Looks great. Methinks I need to start programing in API stuff again.
Couple of questions:
  • Do you consider to disable old versions of endpoints on Community Api? (like pet/mount index)
  • Community api has more data than game one (example: 890 vs 732 mounts) - any plans to unify that? I would like not to be forced to check both endpoints for new entities :D
  • Community api has details about entities, that are missing in Game one, and likewise. So again: unify, disable one, or double requests traffic?

And finally - HUGE thanks for creatures id for renderer, mounts description and source :D

character array is missing some data like sex of the toon
cant we get a localized realm name as well as the slug?
Hey all,

Thanks for your feedback and replies thus far!

To address some of the points above, at the moment we would encourage you to consume data from the Game Data API in favor of data from the Community API where possible. Our long term goal is to migrate off of the Community API and deprecate those APIs as they currently exist.

In regards to mounts, we have reviewed the mounts available in the Game Data API and at this time we consider this list to be the official and most accurate list available between the two sources, and any mounts which are available via the community API but not available via the Game Data API, are considered inaccurate and/or bugs. This includes mounts which may no longer be available in-game.

If you are aware of mounts in the Community API that are not available via the Game Data API that you believe should be included in the Game Data API, please do let us know and we can continue to review the data.

As for specific details about individual entities, if there are properties/details about specific entities which are no longer available in the Game Data API that were available and useful to you from the Community API, please let us know which properties/entities those are so that we can review.

Thanks again for all the comments and feedback!
faction array is missing the faction id
realm has name and slug i like that ....
Are you going to add endpoints for quests?
Any plans on endpoints for bonusLists and modifiers?
This is great, finally we can get the new pet/mount images!
Getting detailed data requires quite a bit of unwrapping queries though...

I'm having problems getting pet ability details, for some reason /data/wow/pet-ability/1002 returns 403 Forbidden using an access token that works fine for other endpoints.
@crinseth those documents likely aren't public yet, as they are not listed in the list in the original post.

Take a look at the known issues documentation (, this issue is likely covered by the statement at the top of the page.
Couple of questions:
Community api has details about entities, that are missing in Game one, and likewise. So again: unify, disable one, or double requests traffic?

And finally - HUGE thanks for creatures id for renderer, mounts description and source :D

This, I cannot switch to the new Game Data API until this is changed. Please consider the following comparison...

Game Data API

"key": {
"href": ""
"name": "Brown Horse",
"id": 6

Community API

"name": "Brown Horse",
"spellId": 458,
"creatureId": 284,
"itemId": 5656,
"qualityId": 3,
"icon": "ability_mount_ridinghorse",
"isGround": true,
"isFlying": false,
"isAquatic": true,
"isJumping": true

This seems like a huge step backwards. Would really like to keep these key value pairs from the Community API and add them to the Game Data API. The extra info is fun to have! At the very least; qualityId and icon are a must-have for me.

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