Destiny 2 not working in Bnet app.

Bug Report
I haven't played Destiny 2 in a while and i tried to play it and it won't work. I launch it from the Bnet app and it doesn't work. I see several other sites with people all reporting there game does not work either but Bungie and Bnet are not saying anything. Can we possibly get an information update on the situation with Destiny 2?
If you want support you'd have to either open a ticket (to ensure a reply) or post on the Technical support section of the app forum if it's a problem with the app, but you'll need to provide more details. Just saying doesn't work isn't enough for anyone to help you. That said, if it's an error with the game itself, that'd be up to Bungie to fix. Blizzard largely only handle problems with the installation and connection to the app, since the don't even manage the Destiny 2 servers.

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