TFT wont work anymore (Mac)

Bug Report
Two nights ago I had a patch on my WC3 TFT game. I patched the game, with the installer. Now nothing works anymore.

RoC says it is unable to have the graphics and i need to update my graphic drivers (on a mac..). And TFT says "Sorry not able to open".

I dont know how this happens, I didn't do anything. So I've uninstalled the entire game and thought; maybe downloading the game again is the solution. I went in my account, downloaded the RoC game, and the same TFT updater pops up. It uses 3 gigs of space, and nothing happens. RoC is 'installed', still gives the graphics error, and TFT is completely gone from my system.

I am using Mac High Sierra 10.13.6. Never had any problems with the game, was running smooth, and now all of a sudden it is gone. Anyone got an idea?

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