Warcraft 3 World Editor Messing Up Object Names

Bug Report
I resumed working on some old custom maps of mine and downloaded an update. Since the update went through, my progress has halted. The update added a custom ID system. The update also added previews for text inputs (like tooltips) and smoothed over the file loading system.

As I worked and saved, all of the text-related data for my custom objects (abilities, items, buffs, etc.) got scrambled. Every time I save a map, all of the text (unit names, tooltips, suffixes, etc.) get randomly scrambled and I'll have random text descriptions (like "Train Grunt" or "(C)" which I was using as a universal suffix to differentiate my version of the game objects from the original) substituting object names, suffixes, tooltips, and descriptions with these randomly taken other suffixes, tooltips, and descriptions.

I'm not sure what's causing it, but it is near impossible to make any progress as any time I want to save the map or playtest it, my objects are corrupted and my progress is lost. Playtesting is rough as well, because the map saves beforehand, scrambling all of the text before loading the map.
I have this problem too and it is extremely frustrating
Has anyone found anything out about this? Because I too am having this problem since the update and everything has the description of the Stealth ability.

Edit: I have been scourging the webs for an answer to this problem, but there doesn't seem to be one. A lot of my custom made hero's and abilities descriptions are just stuck as the default night elf stealth ability. Open to any suggestions! (7/8/19)

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