When Blizzard's game won't work unless you delete a vital system file...

Bug Report
Overwatch doesn't laucnh without the deletion of the Windows/System32 "msvcp140.dll". This is extremely annoying. The removing of this file doesn not hurt your computer, but DOES make the majority of all other games besides Overwatch unplayable. Most games rely on this System32 file, but not Overwatch.

1. I launch Overwatch, to see a short-lengthed black screen appear.

2. The window closes without any error message. Leaving me to research for hours on end

3. I finally find a video on youtube that doesnt talk about backround tasks or razer software. This German video shows me how to delete the file to make the game playable. I won't play blizzards game anymore if they can't fix vital game-breaking bugs like this one...

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHHWqdmxU_Y

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