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Good afternoon !

First of all, my apologies for my poor english and this post wich i already made yesterday but for some reasons, it didnt appear on the forum. (this way i lost all the sources i was quoted ect ect...)

Anyway, i was trying to create some little personnal software that could give me the number exact of endorsment of each type, the total of endorsement ect...
The thing is, after many hours working on differents communauty made API, i decide to go webscrapping myself.
A lot of tutorial / reddit / forum talk about a "Data-value" we can inspect while scrapping the page.
I found it. but the probleme is that now it is a rate.
It seem like :
before we had "Data-value" with the exact number of endorsement. And "Data-rate" wich was the %.
Now "Data-Value" is a rate from 0 to 1 and "Data-rate" is that same number times 10.

My questions are :
Am i really that bad at scrapping or is it a change that i didnt get noticed of ?
If im doing something bad, can anyone try to tell me what is it ?

As well as if u have some solution, im up for any types of solutions.



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