Bounjour Service responsible for Destiny 2 disconnects?

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I know this is no pure Blizzard issue but i wanted to make sure others read this discovery.

I've been playing Destiny 2 for quite a while now and had the usual disconnects with baboon, weasel etc. error messages occuring several times during one gamesession. I had absolutely no clue what was causing this issue like many others. Without ever having any problems regarding dc's in others games, i started encountering lag spikes and connection losses in other games aswell (CSGO, Diablo 3, Hearthstone and misc. others). So to be clear. Before installing Destiny 2 = no issues at all; after installing Destiny 2 = huge connection problems.

I found out Bonjour Service was running 24/7. (everyone who needs update on BonjourService:

So end of the untold story: Disabling Bonjour fixed my Destiny 2 disconnects, so try that for yourselves as the only information i found before is that the culprit was my cable internet connection (which probably might still be part of the problem ).

I posted this on the Bungie forums aswell:
Hey, Husselsworth! We've seen this once before with Bonjour and Overwatch on this thread. Bonjour is utilized by other applications like Netgear Genie and Adobe.

Bonjour does have implementation with the networking, discovery, and services as explained on this post, so hopefully this may help others who experience connectivity issues! Thanks for sharing your experience and troubleshooting!

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