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Hi Blizzard Dev Team!

We really need a way to create development/testing accounts for use with the API. I'm the developer of Hearth Keeper (https://calebfriden.com/apps/hearth-keeper/) and I'm using Battle.net sign in to authenticate users in my app. This has been working great & my users love it. However now I'm having an issue: regular accounts trigger a verification code whenever a login happens from a new IP address/region. That's fine for normal users of course, but Apple needs an account they can reliably use to sign-in to review apps for approval on the Apple app store. Whenever they attempt to sign-in with the account I've created for them, they get stuck at the verification step, and are unable to proceed with review. I've gotten around this in the past by contacting Blizzard support and having the account white-listed temporarily for review. However I was just told that they were unable to do this for me again by a support representative and that sharing accounts (even if the sole purpose of the account is to be shared with a reviewer & its essentially their account) is against the EULA. As it stands, I'm completely unable to release updates for my app. Any response would be much appreciated!
I had to re-read this a few times to understand the issue. I'll re-state it as I understand it, if anyone else is also curious and confused.

  • StarLard built a mobile app which uses Battle.net OAuth.
  • StarLard updates the app, and submits the update to Apple's App Store.
  • Apple needs to log in to StarLard's app to review it.
  • StarLard provides testing Battle.net credentials to Apple for them to use. (Issue #1, account sharing is against the EULA.)
  • Apple tries to use the supplied credentials, but Blizzard notices the login from an unfamiliar IP, and Blizzard asks for a verification code. (Issue #2, Apple can't receive the verification code from Blizzard.)
  • Since Apple can't complete the login, they can't review the app, and won't post the update on the App store.

Since Apple wants to test the same flow that a user would use, any directions StarLard could give to Apple to use a special path or something to skip Battle.net OAuth will likely be rejected by Apple.
Thanks for clarifying erorus! Sorry if my post was confusing. What you've outlined is exactly right. It seems completely ridiculous to me that I'm violating the EULA just by creating a testing account for an official review of my app that's using the services provided by Blizzard for their intended purpose. We need some form of account that's meant to/able to be shared with reviewers and an amendment to the EULA to accommodate this use.

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