SC2 Ladders - multiple profiles in same division - wrong player ranks

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My SC2 Twitch extension recently got noticed by Wintergaming - . At the time I'm writing this he has 4 completed placements in solo mode: random grandmaster and all three races in master league. All of them in the same division.

Looking at the Ladders API I noticed I get incorrect data about his 1v1 placements in master. According to the data from the Ladder 278636 I should find 3 profiles of him placed 88, 89 and 90. However, the ladder itself consists of 65 players and Wintergaming's profiles are placed 54, 55 and 56.

Same problem is visible on SC2 website. Ladder summary and ladder pages show wrong rank numbers:

My general observation is that when player has a single placement per division their rank number remains consistent with what's presented in the ladder table. In case of players having multiple placements in in the same division rank property stops being reliable.

I'll be happy to see this being addressed. If not, I'd like to confirm whether I should stop relying on rank number in ladder API and switch back to more 'manual' methods of extracting players' data from ladder endpoints (not an option I'd welcome but definitely doable).

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