[D2]Updater v2.72 & Installer error.

Hello Classic games team,

I am really happy because of new ladder reset coming and stable Asia D2 servers.

However today I have to report other issue. First of all look at my two pictures.



Within a week I have been finding some of come back or new users are experiencing trouble when they try to install D2.

In no.2 picture there are two error messages.

"D2DV_IX86_1xx_114d.mpq file is corrupt and patching process cannot continue until all filed are closed."

Of course I recommend them to run D2 as a administrator mode. But this solution failed. And manual patching is same. Therefore, I directly tried to download installers(Korean and English Language). In no.1 picture two language installers' script error messages are same each other.

So I can guess, because of installer issue, the patching process becomes abnormal. Therefore please look into installers and patching process.

Thank you very much,

1 of Asia D2 users.
Hello Classic games team,

I wanna report another issue. When I run D2, I found my pc was overloaded. And in task manager some process is very big and CPU occupancy over 90%. It is "rundll32". Rundll32 is followed whenever running D2. So I have to turn it off after running D2. I think it is a bug.

Therefore look into this too.

Thank you.
The rundll32.exe *32 can be bypassed by running the Game.exe in the original install folder to launch the game.

In Task Manager in will show Game.exe rather than rundll32.exe and Diablo II.exe 32.

Don't use the LOD icon launcher. I'm not sure what is causing this and have been waiting to hear something about it here.

It takes full control over the internet connection and can stall any internet access in a browser.

You are right. The way you said works well.

Thank you very much.

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