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Im loading a list of characters of which ive filtered out characters lower than level 20 and lastModified is 0. All character thumbnails load correctly except one which i get a 403 error on.

Here is the data i get on that character:

"name": "Kezzno",
"realm": "Outland",
"battlegroup": "Misery",
"class": 10,
"race": 1,
"gender": 1,
"level": 21,
"achievementPoints": 0,
"thumbnail": "outland/199/166424519-avatar.jpg",
"lastModified": 1534025670000

The url im trying to load is: https://render-eu.worldofwarcraft.com/character/outland/199/166424519-avatar.jpg

The character has not been played for a while so im thinking its that. It loads the default dark thumbnail on the wow page. Is there a specified time of inactivity where a dark default thumbnail should be show? Cannot find this information anywhere.

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