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Hi everyone,

We have released the Hearthstone Card API for public use!

Fellow developers, we have official documentation here to answer any questions on how it works.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the API, please let us know in this thread.
Thank you!
It appears that the endpoint for fetching decks returns multiple copies of one card using duplicates of the JSON string for the card. It seems like a lot of data can be saved by using a "count" field instead of sending duplicate information.

This is just a minor suggestion, but will it be possible for there to be a "count" field added to cards in JSON deck lists in the future?
When I make a query, it never returns all of the cards that I want. For example, when I try to query all of the cards, I only get the first bunch from druid class. How can I get more results per page?
You have to set the pageSize queryString parameter to the amount of cards you want. Please note that there is a limit on how much per page you can get. To get the rest of the cards you have to perform consecutive requests changing the page parameter to the next page.

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